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Todays Tinker: Flags And Banners

Lets talk about inspiration.

Since the first time and Every time since that I’ve looked at the top of the 8” conical roof It just begs to have a flag placed on top of it. So. I made a flag. That counts as inspiration, *grin* Well da’Boss made two.

I did some research on pennants and flags and got the dimensions and then just cut out some papers, glued them together and let them dry.

Now, this was super easy, I used construction paper but Still ended up using about 6 layers. The new one on top of the flagpole is paper and I used prolly 16 layers. Its NOT nearly as nice as the construction paper, and will have a different texture as well, but I did it quick just to have a flag on a pole for this blog.

I drilled a small hole into the top of the conical roof a little Glue, time, a little more glue, a snafu or two, a prayer for patience, and viola! Easy. *grumble* the flag is heavier than the crown of the roof so I had to glue the cap down too. I also shaved the pole a little more to make it fit in the hole neater.

As you can see in the gallery below, There is a pennant flag and a rectangular flag. Each of which I like.

However, The immediate want was to have a flag that looked more realistic than just a straight flag, so I glued the pieces and just warped them with my fingers to get the wavy affect. I would LIKE to make a flag thats wavier, but frankly then you’d have to paint it, and that might be a real chore. So I’d like to see how easy these are to paint before I go there.

Now, this isnt really where this story started either, because MY FIRST inspiration occurred a a few months ago when I made some banners, which I have only now found a proper good use for....*whisper* the entire theme of the last several posts has been an 8” tower.

And this tower has a LOT of wall space, windows, and its begging me to give it a name, which if its not self evident yet( HINT: look at the gallery) , you’ll just have to wait for my last post on the subject. Now, before you get ahead of me, let me bask in my own inspiration for a moment, because I had done this so long ago, I honestly had forgotten I even made these very cool relief banners; months ago. So of course, this is a splendid *doh* moment for... well ... me.

So I don’t think I’ve gone into any detail on these banners short of just a pic or two. But these banners are reproductions. I had wanted to have a really cool banner that was ‘generic’ enough to be liked, while being very cool to paint, and it HAD to have enough relief on it to pop. I made the rest with elemental images for fire, air, earth and water. They did NOT come out as well as the one below, though. The smaller banners were the trickiest, and The attention to detail really demanded a cleaner execution. They turned out just Ok. BUT the large banner with the wolf’s head took my breath away! *gasp*

How did I do it? I found about 5-6 pics I liked online, I cut them out, and pasted them onto a large and small banner, which I had cut out of a thin cardboard. These below are the large banner and then poured molds over them. They came out pretty well. I also stuck matchsticks on the top for the top of the banner. (I might use something like a round toothpick next time.)

I painted the first one a blue background with a very slight silver dry brush, it could easily use more, and The second one got a hunter green background, the relief is black with a gray dry brush. This is the one that pops!

I WILL be posting banners on this tower along with the flag Now!! I hope You’ll agree this just feels right! *grin*

Now if only i had that.... sillycone.

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