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No one takes Privacy more seriously *grumble* than the Goblin Tinker, but no one also takes privacy policies serious at the same time. So by subscribing to the The Goblin Tinker I can promise to send straight to your email updates on our latest Tinker incessantly or not. I make no promises, warranties, nor guarantees. I could send you an email one day and then skip 4 weeks and then send you 3 emails all in the same day. Its just an email. Thus is the nature of inspiration. I might even sell your email to my neighbor for a roll of toilet paper. Who knows!? Heck da'Boss wouldn't even know where to start to sell it. So subscribe NOW! I'm a hoarder. Become one of my 'precious' and sign up Below... now. Do it. 

But if you want to see the absolutely latest and best we have to offer you really MUST subscribe today. 

Return Policy

The Goblin Tinker does not accept returns.  The Goblin Tinker will accept pictures of defective shipments, and replace them at their cost. We believe in ensuring our products are well packaged and if they are damaged in shipping, they will be replaced after a review. Mail us at if you received a damaged item out of the box! We insist!  




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