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Today’s Tinker: Stairs!

This post is a little different. Read on!

I’m often making new kinds of stairs, and this week I spent an evening making a few different types just to see what might make it into each type of building I could make, or just to properly visualize them to see if they are actually achievable to reproduce without a dramatic level of effort. (not that that’s stopped me before). *shrug*

I’m posting 4 photos of prototype Stairs below and want to know which one you like MOST. Feel free to comment, like, love etc.

Photo 1: wood stairs w platform rising to 2nd story. This is a very large stair. Not really practical to reproduce because of size and silicone cost. But it looks fantastic. The door idea is a great touch. It could go into a stone walled building, or a wood building w slightly taller walls than pictured.

Photo 2: stone stairs. Made in 2 pieces. One resting on the other. It Would be held by a triangular lip on the wall behind it, and would go in a stone building. It Could have a door beneath it. This is what I am planning to use for my current project. It’s the same stone type. And is the proper height for the stone walls. Even though its tall it’s in two pieces so would be easier to cast than the wooden stairs.

Picture 3: circular stairs. This is the most difficult to begin to prototype and cast. Just because its round, has significant depth between the railing and step. It’s still very attractive though. This is just a quarter of the height it would need to be to rise to the second floor. I wanted to see how it would look and if it’s more reasonable than the long wooden stair to conserve on floor space, which it does do! It just doesn’t work in the confined dimmension of a 4x6” floor space or smaller. It could work in a much larger building, but I don’t have a larger floor plan in mind ATM. Lmk if I should consider that, because it’s a very neat element!

Picture 4: wood ladder - This piece is simple in concept, but ironically it’s likely impossible to single solid cast. It would have to be assembled. The reason I LIKE it is it solves the problem of having a stair case in a small 4x4” room that takes up 1/3rd the space. The trade off is it will take longer to assemble and paint than any of the other stair cases pictured. *harumfpt*

Ok! Those are my thoughts!

Let me know what YOU LIKE MOST!

Think of the kinda of buildings you want to see on your table top and what elements they would include.


The Goblin Tinker

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