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Project Update: The Virgin Cast.

The Goblin Tinker Project Update: (New House: *still seeking an appropriate name*)

I have demolded my new molds, for this new house. *huzzah*

This first time demolding molds, if I haven’t said it before…. Is likely my favorite event. It’s got a mix of emotions. There is risk of breaking the masters, which if they’re broken are almost always irreplaceable, and there is always a risk of bubbles in the mold, or defects that mar the mold. However it’s almost guaranteed that some of the masters will break, so it’s IMPERATIVE that the molds don’t contain mortal errors and, of course, the beauty of that master is lost to eternity. . *grin*

Combined with this ‘risk’ the moment is filled with a certain amount of elation that the molds are successful! It’s a very cool experience creating a new set of molds that create a new piece of art!

Having said all that….. I broke 2 masters taking them out of the molds. *grin* it was fate. They were ambitious mold designs. Deep and…. Risky. That’s how I roll.

So. Let me see. This project includes several molds. Seven molds, that make 21 pieces. The masters that broke demolding them, were the new wall design I made, with slots at the ends. AND the deep stone walled first floor for the building. The new wall was the WORST! It came out piece meal. There was never a chance it would come out in one piece.

The great news, is these molds were near perfect pours.

The next step after demolding the masters is the first pour. I’m just gonna start calling it the ‘virgin’ pour. This is also very close to the fun of demolding the masters. It’s a new thing! It’s filled with similars emotions too. There is always a question if I can demold the new piece the first time without breaking it. Just because I’m unfamiliar with the nuance of the riskier molds.

As expected the 2 casts for the walls and the first floor broke coming out. Which is often Ok. It’s just another obstacle to victory. I made a mother mold for the walls, to firm up their wall edges hoping it would give me enough room to edge them out, but it didnt’ so I ended up cutting the mold in half so each wall could easily be separated. It’s a 3” deep mold. And then each wall came out very easily.

The first floor piece came out on it’s second pour just fine. There is a tricky corner that could break if the other side is demolded first, so it just needed to be separated from the floor in that corner to be shimmied out successfully. The rest of the molds were very easy. Walls, roof and 2nd floor.


Top to bottom it stands about 11.5”

I’ll be offering this unpainted and painted soon so follow my blog here so you know when Its listed; to claim yours. grin


The Goblin Tinker

We Tinker! You Play!

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