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Today’s Tinker: The 14”x14” Cavern Tile.

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

This might be the only Cavern Tile you need.

I have to be honest. When I was first approached by a patron to make this, I was full of objections. It would beI want to go on record, stating that I was wrong. Really really wrong. The following is why I was wrong.

This one piece has several virtues.

First. It's huge. Alone it cover the center of a small table with it's 196 sq inches. if you place four of them together, they cover almost 800 sq inches. that's like..... um as Large as.... well 4 of the cavern sets I offer.

Second, This is very easy for me to make. It's efficient, and efficency always lowers cost! Huzzah! Yes, this is VERY Good!

Third, the scale of this one piece, allows the dungeon designer to use smaller tiles to stack, to create more dynamic cavern crawls, without sacrificing their wallet to achieve the affect! This is actually the one virtue I'm most excited about! I like a dynamic playing field! I'm bored with flat dungeon/cavern crawls! I want to climb and descend into the dangerous unknown! Long live the peril!!! <duh duh dummm>

Fourth, it's easier to paint!!!! Less pieces > easier to paint!!! Yay for me!!!

Fifth, Is there a FIFTH?! Of course! It's easier to set up on the table top! This was actually the first thing my Patron declared as his desire for the large 14x14" tile. And ... I'm glad I obliged!

Below is a gallery of images of various tiles I've made and painted. The last 4 images are of the final product for my patron with a couple spray paint coats on them.

I'll be posting more images soon of everything else I've painted along with these massive tiles.

EDIT: I plan on updating the Cavern Set offering to include this massive 14x14" tile ASAP! :) See:

But this is all for now!


We Tinker! You Play!

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