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NEW! Quantity Discount Pricing! For the Cavern Set

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

I have always sought to make sets of dungeons for the avid role player. Even the rabid role players. Since I started making molds of the pieces I wanted to put on my own tabletop I’ve always wanted to see them played with on others. Who am I fooling… yes! I also wanted to turn a buck on my newfound hobby. I always though the competition’s prices were ridiculously expensive. I know many of you think so as well.

Now, it’a not such a ‘newfound’ hobby anymore since I’ve been making my own dungeons for longer than 15 years, but I finally arrived at a point where I have improved my craft enough to lower my costs to make nifty stuff ch- er inexpensive.

I hope you think they’re ‘inexpensive’!

How do I make them? I use Hydrostone Plaster which is a durable plaster. It’s rated at 10,000 psi so after they are dry in 1-3 days they are impact resistant. I improved my mold making & design to lower my labor costs, and I’ve improved my process. This is significant! Huzzah!

So now that I’ve run through all the kinda stuff I celebrate lets move onto the meat of this post.

Below you will see a price list for Quantity Discounts on Cavern Tiles, Walls and Accessories. I’ve also included my two newest pieces in the price list! The Cavern Lake and Cavern Pool! I’ll be posting pics of them painted in another blog post soon. (Update: They ARE posted Now!)

So this Price List has been a real gift. I have listed unpainted prices, which ARE the VERY BEST prices I believe I can offer without losing my shirt, and Painted prices which while more are also fairly modest. I’ve agonized over how to price painted things versus unpainted, and its been exceedingly difficult to price it without actually giving them away. Which I may still have done. But I thought it was FAIR, and heck I like painting them. They look fantastic painted! I just usually spend too much time painting detail.

Cavern Set Quantity Discount Price List!
Price List

So. For the Painted Sets I will end up offering sets painted In 2 colors, a base color and 2 highlight colors. And then I will drybrush the entire piece with a fourth color. The Accessories will be painted as well on request. I will let you select a color for a variety of them but most will be painted similar colors to the cavern set colors You chose.

As you can see this price chart details quantity discounts for 1 to 5 of the cavern tiles & walls. I hope you’ll agree that this pricing is GOOD! I currently play on 2 sets of cavern tiles and 1 set of the cavern and rock walls and Castle Towers, which I haven't included in the list because they’re planned for a different set. Two sets of Cavern Tiles are more than enough for the kitchen table. It is approx ~ 3x3 feet of table space.

You can always play on a larger area, and include more walls too. Please do! Each set of tiles requires at least 2 sets of walls to look ‘filled’ enough not to be empty. More can always be used.

I wrote this price sheet up so You can Decide what pieces are important to YOU, rather than me deciding what to include in a variety of different sets. It was too many options. This chart simplified it. Just nod your head in agreement. Thx.

As always, send me an email if you have questions.

I will gladly listen to your questions, wants, dreams, desires, then tell you you’re ‘insane’ and still take a crack at it. Cause I’m not necessarily sane either. Ah! I almost forgot! The most important part of this price list is that you pick the quantities, send me an email with what you want, and THEN I’ll accept the work. All work is Made to Order! Unless I have some made. And then shipping to you will be sorted after I receive your address. Expect larger quantities to cost more shipping. *grumble* but there just isn't anything I can do about that. But buying in quantity gives you a significant discount up to and beyond 50lbs. A single tile and wall set is just shy of 10 pounds.

I’ll post pictures soon!!! See. Already done! :) Gallery of all Pieces Unpainted!

Gallery of same Pieces painted in a Photobox for lighting.


The Goblin Tinker

We Tinker! You Play!

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