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Painted! The Cavern Lake & Pool!

The 8x8 Cavern Lake & 4x4” Pool are both painted now! So I can move onto my next task.

I’m excited about the next phase of this production, which started a mere 6 months ago. It’s been a labor of love, and It is my sincere hope this is well received.

So stay tuned or hit the Shop to see what I’ve already posted. *grin*

AND these two new pieces look fantastic Painted. I always ‘hem and haw’ about trying to sell unpainted casts Because its so hard to SEE the detail of these casts without some paint.

They paint very well of course.

This tile can be painted any color. I chose a dark brown base, a pumpkin, nutmeg and beige for color. It’s blackwashed, and then Drybrushed. The 4x4 looks great too.

Here is a gallery.

Thanks Again for reading my blog! Visit the Shop on this website if you want some!!


We Tinker! You Play!

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