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Today’s Tinker: Bookshelves

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

I made some books to go on bookshelves. then I made some more bookshelves. *grin*

When I make something... I typically make it reproducible. (Unless it’s a prototype)

These are really small bits, so Most of them are cast individually but the books are cast together. Everything is glued to the shelves and even the shelves are glued shelf to shelf. I don’t usually cast individual pieces because of the labor, but for these I judged it a fair compromise, since they’d be impossible to solid cast and then paint.

These Shelves and Books are cast to be reproducible, made to order or, to make them when my table top needs some more shelves. And frankly my rooms and dungeons need a lot um more. I expect that as I make more I’ll throw together another mold of bits that can go ON the shelves as well. I haven't even painted all the kitchen\taven bits I cast….. yet. *grin*

Please enjoy the small Gallery!

Update: I’ve painted a small shelf with tavern items on it. I decided that these should be loose on the shelf so they can be moved to tables or wherever you chose, but it’s the same concept! The mini is for scale.

Check out the Smaller Shelf!

The Wide Shelf!

The Goblin Tinker

We Tinker! You Play!

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