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Smaller Shelves w Books

Smaller Shelves w Books

This Item is a smaller Book Shelf.

It comes with less books.

This item is sold fully painted. As pictured.

This Item can be made to order if the item is not configured with books or the skull or the lamp the way you want it. Just tell me what you want to see where. Other shelf items may become available.

Options: open Book, lamp, skull, small ceramic jar.

Each item is hand cast, hand painted and assembled prior to shipping. (Clearly not in that order.)

10$ is an introductory price for 1 book shelf. If this gains traction I may adjust the price for quantity discounts, or also offer them as unpainted and unassembled kits if you are also a painter. They aren’t that difficult to paint. :) However expect no bookshelf to be the same!

As always, if you have a question about an item or customization, feel free to contact da’Boss on chat or via email here on this site!


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