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Today’s Tinker: A Market Stall

Continuing with creating something nifty….to add to the market stall, I’ve recently prototyped…..

Um… what do you mean I havent posted a blog piece about the market stall?! *Omg*

Ok here it is. It’s a wooden stall with cloth awning, pictured in the last 3 pics. I slapped a clay roof on it to see ‘how’ it looked and gauged my appetite to texture it. I wasn’t hungry.

It’s surrounded with containers of…. fruits and vegetables. They range from large-ish to rather small. The medium is a clay material. The containers are hydrostone. And then I tried to decide how you would know what was what… or how would you ‘know’ what an object was other than the size or color. So I began to question how to make it easier to ‘see’ I still don’t have a real answer to that…. And frankly after going through a round of questions about names…. For a sign for example…. See my last blog. *ahem* I deliberated that if you want fantasy names for the ‘produce’ in your world, that perhaps they shouldn’t be labeled. They should just BE. You name them. Ha!

However, I’m not done making things to spruce up the stall. There are quite a variety of item’s i’ve brainstormed and continue to devise and research. I want this stall to have character. I expect I’ll take some time to satisfy myself that it’s got a decent variety and that the items are realistic enough to be recognized.

As you can see I’ve been busy.

Ok! That’s enough for now. Thanks for reading!

Check in later for another blog about….. my next tinker…. *grin*


The Goblin Tinker

We Tinker! You Play!

Edit: The Goblin Tinker creates reproducible terrain and accessories for your role playing table top! Everything I blog about can be reproduced & purchased on my website or on ebay! Just look for The Goblin Tinker!

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