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Today’s Tinker: Signs?

Welp. The nice thing about transitioning to smaller projects is the illusion of simplicity. This is a sign, *guffaw*

In the search for an ever more present attention to detail for this small project, and my future projects, like the FB post about a Market stall, I’ve tossed around a few concepts that have either failed spectacularly or just haven't met with that cool factor.

One of the obstacles is clay is not my best medium. *grumble* so. Sticking with the easy stuff was the easy part. But that’s not really satisfying. First, I don’t like admitting defeat. Second, I want more detail In this piece market stall to jazz it up.

This requires some creative mastery. Sometimes, just sometimes, creativity is moving through an obstacle by putting it aside.

So I put aside the clay…. and I created a ‘sign’ speaking of ‘signs’ … which leads me to the…..

….but; The best part of making things small enough for 28mm or 1/10 their actual size however is that your assumptions are often challenged by reality. This is no different with clay or plaster or whatever your medium. This sign, needs words. Eh? And I wanted it to have names of what the merchant is hawking..,, but whelp. I’ll be honest I have no idea how to fit the words on a 1/4 or 1/2 inch bit. How do you spell ‘watermellon’ or ‘dragons egg’ on a 1/2” wide space. Ya just can’t without a magnifying glass.

So I compromised. I wrote 3 letters. And I scribbled the rest and black-washed it to see if my ‘scribbling’ would look cool enough AND so IT DOES!! *the goblin fist pumps* in full disclosure I traced the scribbles with a sharp edge after writing them In pencil.

The next step is to practice my ‘tracing’ because my penmanship is worthy of a true goblin. Or so my progeny tell me. Below is a very rough prototype… I’ll spend some time refining it over the next week along with more once I complete enough jazzy stuff to declare this creative interlude ‘good enough’ and proceed to making masters.

One question though, as a reader do you want to see the prototypes painted for a better feel of just what the finished product will look ‘like’ Or do you ‘see’ it like I do? LMK!!! I’m very keen to learn if this is an important part of the design process for readers.

Below are the two sizes I am considering.., as well. Side by side. 1” square or 3/4 x 1”

And I did one more thing, or two…. , but I’ll have to post those blogs tomorrow! *grin*


The Goblin Tinker

We Tinker! You Play!

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