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Today’s Tinker: Eggs in a….

Today I’m exploring something more difficult than usual, stretching my bounds of comfort a little Too.

I recently saw something that jumped out at me as WOW, and immediately decided I had to take a crack at it, Myself. *puffs chest* I’m sure you all have moments like that. I mean, not necessarily with the chest puffing but….. ya feel me, right?!

So. Here we are. Now, if I had to assign this new object a project status it would be on the borderline ATM. it’s small. It’s got detail. It’s got definition, it has a TON of painting charm to add color to a scene, and it’s SMALL! Ok I’m repeating myself. So. This pic is completely unworthy because I’ve mangled the clay, its sooo delicate, but the piece I’m struggling with, ironic, right. It’s not the eggs, that I am struggling with. It’s the cloth basket.

So here are my thoughts. First the image is a little grainy because it’s zoomed in so much. Second, the mini is for scale. Third, The basket is cloth draped over and around a small ‘dish’. Fourth, the eggs in the basket are mangled cause they’re clay so I’ll have to redo them. *sigh* BUT the basket here is a little vexing.

The cloth I chose for the reason that its got a nice texture, but it’s just too thick. So I’m looking at it thinking it needs a thinner cloth. BUT I DO like the texture. I kinda like it, but only a little. How do YOU like it? The obstacle is how to remove enough of it so it drapes over the side without bunching up. That’s the main obstacle to this rendition. I’ll be noodling that through while you ponder the human mysteries of life.

So let me know if I’m on the right track. Comments are welcome!


The Goblin Tinker

We Tinker! You Play!

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