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Today’s Tinker

As you may be familiar da’Boss is embroiled with the production of the masters for the 8” tower. this has been a long process Involving days of casting pieces and planning design and finally assembling the entire thing so it fits together and them gluing it all together. Well not all together. Just the pieces that need to be cast together.

Today’s tinker is part of that process. The stairs for the 2nd and 3rd floors. That means the floors are ‘done’ well almost. They need a final touch still, but there isn't much more to do Other than start pouring molds. And to do that..... da’Boss waits for his delivery of Sillycone.

So the stairs. These stairs are unique. They rise up the inside of the curved walls to an opening in the floor, and even though the walls are the same size as the prototype they always seem to present challenges.

Like, do they line up?

Well. They do! Ha and Huzzah!

*fingers crossed*

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