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The Prototype 8” Tower

This project has been an immense challenge and there are challenges still, BUT this is a peek at what it MAY look like. Now to some details!

The tower stands 20+ inches tall, and is 8” round at the bottom and 9” round at the top. It has one door on the first floor. It contains 10 windows. The prototype has 2 floors. The base floor and a 2nd floor. (I May pop a 3rd floor in for the actual casts, its actually not tall enough for 3 floors And to keep the 10 windows) The tower has a Stairway leading to the 2nd floor. This was a really cool project building a stairway for an 8” curve. Da’Boss got creative. *grin* The first floor is a stone floor, and the Second floor is a Wood floor. It’s up for debate if the 2nd floor becomes a stone floor. As nice as the wood floor is, it is thin, and needs to be thicker. But *shrug* Thats an easy problem to solve.

Let’s see... what else is there to cover as a matter of detail. OH! The MOST challenging piece!! Duh, The Conical Roof. This monster roof IS HUUUGE! But, I wants it. The prototype roof was actually a Hard fail. It isn't even presentable. So I am busy recasting a second roof after consulting the *Um*.... *er* instructions... and perhaps a panicked long distance post to its creator. No worries.. all is well. The problem Is solved and the Lackeys have stopped wringing their hands at da’Boss’s displeasure. No whippings tonight!

Once the NEW roof is tested and, cast, I will post pictures.

The tower is painted in the Hirst Arts trademark earth tone colors; Brown, pumpkin Orange and a light Cream. I painted the Unpresentable roof a Brown, Tan and cream drybrush, but I decided to paint the 2nd roof a Black With very light gray highlights to balance the contrast of the tower.

This Roof and tower will become a fixture in one of the household Campaigns For Marnus the Last Evoker in The City of Lusatia, in the Kingdom of Barchal. *Huzzah!* Every Wizard NEEDS a tower! And The prototypes always get played with. *grin*

So, thats what da’Boss has been up to the last 6 or so weeks, with the intermediate project in between as well, *grin* Its been quite the journey! I hope you appreciate the pictures!!!

Leave me some comments or join me in my WIX app; to converse as I delve into my next project and dive into how to mold the 8” tower for production! and if you want to see a reproduction of this tower on YOUR table let me know. I plan to start making the molds as soon as I know I have enough gold reserves to jump for the silly-cone! this will take quite a lot of silicone, that I hope to pay for with the next few cottages I make. I’m painting a couple more now.

One of the challenges of making a 20” tall tower however is the reality that it does NOT fit into my photobox. So I have had to post an inferior pic. nevertheless the Gallery contains many more that you should see of the detail and the inside of the tower!

And since its so big I took some new pictures for a SECOND gallery! Enjoy!

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