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A Stucco House... The Intermediate Project

While I’m evaluating my prototype 8” Tower which, is VERY cool... da’Boss decided he needed an intermediate project to present. Right.

Who needs another project?

But that‘s not how creativity works. Or artists? or real life, eh? Ok... enough philosophy.

This intermediate project looked like low hanging fruit..... comparatively; to the Tower. *facepalm* Now.... after pouring no less than 8 molds does da’Boss realize that folly is the inspiration of pure genius. So... the prototype is almost done though and, er....well ok that was bass akwards... but creative passion doesn’t do rational thought. Thats why I picked this fragmented persona. *wink* Who ever thought goblins were rational Anyways? Nope. More like Mad genius. In stoic retrospect this likely the most difficult project I’ve completed. So this post is a celebration!!! It feels GOOD! And it LOOKS Great! *phew!*

So onto the project between the project.... this flamboyant trist with... whimsy... has taken da’Boss on an adventure building a stucco walled simple German style house.

With the wild haste of a manic goblin the first molds were poured simultaneously. I tried pouring 7 molds all at once to build the siding and the floors. Two styles Of floors, wood and stone floors for some options... who doesn't like like options? This was a wildly successful venture. Then I poured the next 4 molds. Now, this was tricker. I poured 2 styles of roofs... wood and slate... and then... the pieces for a fireplace, and the part I get giddy about.... accessories. Lots of them. Cause they’re really small, like tiny tiny small... and fun to torture painters with, because they’re so ... small; as if all the trim wasn‘t painful enough. God bless you painters out there.

Well I must admit I totally got carried away. I love the detail of Hirst Arts molds and frankly Bruce has evidenced some significant skill in carving these pieces so they can be reproduced... and I know, cause I’ve carved a number of small pieces over The years and my product doesn't have nearly the finished look. Ok Thats being A might bit generous and self serving. *grin er grumble*

So let me dig up the courage to take some photos of the painted prototype for your Pleasure and perhaps I’ll paint some of those Super small, yet wildly nifty Tiny super TINY accessories that fit on small shelves and stuff. You ever just stare at the piece thinking you’ll go blind painting it they’re so small..? Yeah. That small. (I lost my glasses... so its a wonder I painted any at all. *doh* As if I could resist.)


OK! Some Detail about this Stucco House.

  1. Its a German style Painted color scheme with Brown Trim and Bright Cream siding.

  2. This roof is wood, and is painted brown with a light cream drybrush, i think i also used a bit of a black wash. This was one of my hastier paint jobs, since its just a prototype. *ha!* This means it goes to MY tabletop! *Mwahahahaha* You’ll have to wait a week before I even think about painting the next House. Its already cast though *huzzah!*

  3. The Windows are see thru. I almost agonized... ok like5 minutes... over wether to Place a piece Of paper between the windows to paint The glass, but not for this model. I LIKE to be able to see thru the window. Please withhold your judgement. You know who you are. *wink*

  4. There is a front and a back door.

  5. There are um... a LOT of windows; 2 on the side, 3 on the front... and 1 on the back... Seemed like more when I was painting it. *grin*

  6. There is a modest Chimney with a Fire place inside with room for a log and fire. Quaint, I know. The chimney paint job was something of an experiment I wont repeat. I will stick with a more gray scheme Next time. but it doesnt look BAD or unpresentable.

  7. Also on the Inside are Three shelves. One large shelf on each side of the fireplace and a small one on the top middle of the opposite wall.

  8. This floor is a wood floor and I LIKE it. It is probably one of the easiest molds/casts I’ve made and it looks perfect. This one is of course painted brown to match the trim.

  9. The trim, and there is a fair bit of it... is all painted brown, with a pumpkin dry brush. Just like the floor.

  10. The Doors are painted the same as the trim but are touched with some black and then silver. I think it looks great and it makes the door stand out.

  11. The last bit of detail are the Accessories!

  • A table

  • 4 Chairs

  • 2 Stools

  • A sack of stuff

  • A bag of something

  • Jars! Too many or too few more me to count And A Medium sized bowl.

  • and Food! 2 Loaves of Bread, two bowls of Fruit, A bowl of porridge, A medium bottle of wine, and a small bottle of Spirits; on the shelf. *wink* we don't just bring out the spirits for anyone.

  • and lastly a log and fire for the fire place!

And NOW!!!! Da’Gallery of Victorious Pictures!!! Ah..... this feels so good to post!!

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