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Wizards Tower status

da’Boss started prepping the molds and pouring them. The silly-cone has yet to be delivered so its just the small molds until the full power of the silly-cone can be applied to this craft.

So the workshop has been in a state of casting pieces for the master model and designing the Actual molds.

This is always One of the heaviest segments of work for product design, but its always fun to see where the gaps in the mold are where I can slip a little new or old accessory To help maximize how much silly-cone is required.

Which takes me back to a bunch of photos posted a while ago for some of the trees da’Boss crafted!

It’s not perfect, but I think it will be fine as i design more trees. TREES are a project da’Boss has been considering very carefully and exploring a new medium to do it in. Once this project is finished it may find itself on deck. Time will tell.

These trees also made it into the mold as well. But ONLY because this was the tallest mold and it needed height, the pour was perfect, by the way. But honestly they could also double as stalagmites. It might just come down to the Paint job. These look like they need to be painted dark green Like an evergreen with a Heavy white drybrush To make them look snowcovered. That Was the first impression.

Thats part of the exciting thrill of this. Da’Boss gets to explore some new things and.... pull in Old work to new projects.

I’ve also been mulling over what actually belongs with buildings as I cast and design them, and I’ve become enamored with the principle that these pieces need to come with placable accessories both inside and outside the main piece.

da’Boss is stubbornly *grumble* fed up with how the Accessories look so NICE with buildings or dungeons In pictures and wants to offer the accessories WITH the main building. It just feels like a Jip without them. It always looks better furnished. Its like buying a New warren. It just doesnt look the same empty and cleaned up With no furniture. It looks MUCH better with detrius thrown about and full of... things.

So as I’m mulling over what NEEDS to come with a piece add a comment on what you Think you should find in a Wizards Tower and help guide the product development!

Nevertheless its gonna LOOK outstanding.


We Tinker! You Play!

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