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Wizards Tower is posted to eBay & whats NEXT?

Updated: May 31, 2020

Plz head over to Ebay to see the wizards tower and buy it. so da’Boss can make more! He needs to buy some more plaster for the next project.....

Speaking of my next project... Tell Da’Boss what project he should start next.

- an 8” Circumference tower? that would be about a foot or more high? this one would be a one shot deal I think.... unless i can noodle out how to stretch my silicone to make a proper mold. - a 3” circular tower with a conical Wooden shingle roof? - a new fieldstone dungeon wall with a.... creative centerpiece? A Fountain? Or Mimic? Or Statue? All three? - or another idea? make a suggestion.

- a rubble rock building? Like a tavern? - a stucco european style house? - an overland tile for terrain? - trees? U want trees? - or should da’Boss finish the work on his mushrooms?

As you can see there are options.


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