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Updates to the site!

I've made a few updates to the site tonight and a lot of it is around NEW product offerings.

The BIGGEST addition is I have priced out 3 KITs for sale.



and The 3" Round Tower with Conical Roof

(ha I forgot to add the wizards tower, *grumble* guess I'll do that next.)

These are ALL available on the WIX site as made to order. Order yours now!

I also added a bunch of Accessories to the site. The easy to make accessories are approximately 1$ each and sold in bunches of 3. Accessories that are more difficult are more. They are offered as unpainted and painted at more cost. Painting is fun, but I'm not really getting paid for it. So. Buy a kit, er an accessory! I'll teach you how to paint them.

I will continue to add accessories to this list, but the current list includes:

  • crates - 3 different kinds.

  • crystal balls

  • chests - 3 different kinds.

  • bags

  • coin piles

  • sacks - single and in a pile.

  • barrels

  • hollow barrels

  • broken bucket

  • wooden tub

  • 2 different chairs

  • stools

  • More to come...

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