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Today’s Tinker: She’s A Brick House

My ‘newest‘ project is taking form. (In ALL Disclosure this is late it was sitting in my drafts section and I forgot to publish it!!!) It’s been cooking for some time now, and I’ve come to the point where I am nearly ready to pour the molds for it. all that remains is picking out final details for the piece that it shouldn't or can’t do without. *shrug*

This is one of the initial designs.

This project is a two story Brick House with decorative wood molding and expansive windows on the second floor. I had actually wanted to make an Inn out of it, but after reviewing the limited floor space I quickly abandoned that idea and decided to stick to how to make a 2 story house with it. Part of the reason was I had a serious question on how exactly I was going to paint it. Hmmmm. So much of the last month I spent some time painting swatches of brick face different colors and deciding on a method that wouldnt be too time consuming. We shall see just how well this plan unfolds after the first casts are dried and I start doing that work for pictures.

The roof and 1st floor will reuse the molds I have made for those, but the standout features are the stairway to the second floor, a new floor mold for the 2nd floor and the walls of the building itself aka the windows! Actually the first thing anyone will notice are the elaborate windows And the detail of the wood molding around many of them. Those details are going to POP!

I can hardly wait to see the final product. But wait there’s more!

Not only did I design the two story house as a brick face, I designed the molds with interchangeable peaks so the first story can be made separately of the second floor. THIS means I can have TWO brick houses for the ‘same’ work. I’m hedging there. It’s still work but its flexible.

So as I improve my design process I hope to he able to offer more dynamic design and intimately buildings!


We Tinker! You Play!

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