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Today’s Tinker: Painting Buildings!

I’ve been working furiously on a number of projects. I have been deliberating pricing for the Cavern Set that I think is a great value, to bring it closer to realizing it’s potential. This is nebulously evasive. Pricing is likely one of the hardest tasks, but I’m setting it aside for a moment to replenish stock! It’s begun to run dry. *yay!*

I’ve painted:

- 2 new Da’Shoppes, that I’ve had laying around cast and just were begging to be painted. Check out my product!

- A new 1 Story Brick House with white brick face. Check out my product! - A NEW cast of the massive 18” tall 8” round tower! This piece is truly my flagship building. It’s a monument to my casting skill and I LOVE painting it! The pictures speak for themselves. Be sure to check it out. - and lastly right now I’m painting another 2 Story Red Brick House/Tavern. Here

The first 3 are done and posted in the Shop, take a look or just send me a message!

The Tower is too tall to take a pic in the Photobox with the roof on. :) its HUGE!

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