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Today’s Tinker: A Very Large Cavern Tile!

I'm in the midst of desiging another project! This one comes from a Patron who wants a large cavern tile to design a cavern battle around. It will involve placing large monsters with 3x3" or 4x4" bases, and players need to be able to manuever around these 'obstacles'. Sounds like fun!

This project will have me design the layout, and pour a rather large tile mold for the entire piece. Aaand... As such I'm always keen to identify opportunities for.... add ons to the base piece. The first thing that I wondered about was steps.... or side pieces that extend the playing board or provide 'entrances' to it. Or exits...., perhaps.

The other more ambitous idea was creating a sheer wall. Hmmm. This is very ambitious, but I may make some time to play with how to create a prototype or two to see if it will match with the cavern style.

This massive piece will be 14x14 inches. gasp+ It will ship in a very large box. *ahem* I'll sort that later. This piece will be used with the cavern tile set I created/designed last year around this time actually. So cavern design seems appropriate!

You can see how I envision the steps/entrances/exits working.

More to come as I tinker with these ideas so stay tuned!


We Tinker! You Play!

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