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Some New Buildings!

Restocking new buildings is in full swing. it's taken a bit more time than I'd like but for reasons completely out of my control, so I'm happy with the effort.

Above is a traditionally painted yellow stucco & Stone House. It's a very popular design!

This 2 Story Stone & Stucco House is painted with Red window dressings in an overall greyscale with a tpuch of brown! I think its smashingly stunning! Oh and the roof is red! Ya Can't miss it. grin

This green brick 1 Story house with Chimney is just as stunning as the last house. It's always charming when new colors pop put of the paintbrush to reveal themselves. The roof is wood.

Last but not least this 1 Story Stone Rubble house with Chimney is painted on brown earth tones. It's roof is slate and painted in grayscale.

Below are links to ebay where they aRe listed.

Yellow stone & stucco

Red trim stone & stucco

  • is on show for year in art display.

Green brick

Earth tone Stone Rubble House


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