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Today’s Tinker

So, today is a new day! And da’Boss is tinkering...

What I’m doing now is cutting the felt to go on the bottom of a new cottage. I’ve sold out and so I’m painting another. *grin*

I’ve also sold the last da’Shop in inventory so I’m painting another one of those too!

I’ll post pictures once they’re done. Of course!

What I really like about the felt though is it adds a quality of finish to the piece for table top play. I dont add them to the dungeon pieces, but for the buildings I DO! The buildings just require a little more finesse than a dungeon. Thats my opinion.

In Other news: Stay tuned for my next batch of projects that are in the works.... I will be posting an update on exactly what they are soon, once I have my prototypes... if I make prototypes..... done.

I also spend a lot of time in my Wix app, cause my site is hosted by Wix, so if you are an enthusiast like me join me there. I am always interested in what people like or want and would be happy to hear from you. I also post sneak peaks or project ideas.... before they get blogged about.

Come join me!

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