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This is whats on eBay at the moment!!

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

I’m posting a list of what da’Boss has listed on eBay for your perusing pleasure so YOU can SEE what I have for sale and decide if YOU wants it.

NEW! Da'Cottage

Fieldstone Floors!

Dungeon Passages!

Medium Room Set!

A combined Large and Small Room Set!

Road Tile with sides of Grass!

Marnus is not included...

3” Tower with Conical Roof! (Painted in a Dugeon Gray)

Da’Shop! (SOLD)

SOLD! Another da’Shop With Earth Tone Walls!

3” Tower With Crenelations! (Painted in a slate blue)

Dungeon Room and Passages set!!! This is da’Boss’ flagship offering!!!

The Wizards Tower!! (Includes Accessories)

Overland Grass Set! (2)

And another 3” Fieldstone Tower! (painted in earth tones)

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