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The Versatile Dungeon

Updated: May 5, 2021

Denizens of the Dark and Yet Light infused Web thats inexplicably world wide....

The Goblin Tinker has stumbled onto a gift. This gift was brought to me by a patron, Dan Toth, who since I’ve taken his first call has been a pleasure to work with. *huzzah* But now that this project has begun to wind down and I am done admiring my own creation its time for me to craft the words and share the images of this nearly massive task.

First Dan wanted me to create for him a versatile system of tiles and walls he designed, made and has used for 15 years and over that time he has had pieces break from heavy use or just gone missing. He did not have the time to make more and that is why he approached me.

Dan also said “And thanks for the excitement about it - I have found it the most efficient system out there.”

I agree. wholeheartedly.... as much as any goblin has a heart.

All too often I am painfully aware of such things as loss. I have lost more pieces to my thieving goblin lackeys than I care to count.... I’ve also started more than one project I just cant finish like the double sided Goblin Trap or the Very Disappointing Goblin Lackey Thrower. It threw stuff, but never where I wanted it, aerodynamics in the warren here are a fickle thing. *ahem* I digress.

The point is I feel this mans ‘pain‘. BUT he came to the right place And The Goblin Tinker was delighted to tinker on his behalf.

He wanted solid cast pieces. Thats what I do. Just take a look each of the solid cast 4 levels of my 8” round tower masterpiece. it stands 21” tall. I’m really truely proud of that still. He also wanted cracked stone floors in his dungeon. I LOVE cracked stone tiles. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to use all my countless castings to have a decent excuse to make some new masters. And he wanted walls. Lots of fieldstone walls. By golly, I dare say he came to the right place. Fieldstone is my thing.

Did I mention he wanted LOTS of them?

So this is what I proposed.

40 4x4 Tiles of cracked Stone floors. 90 2x2 Tiles of Cracked stone floors.

Thats A LOT of table space. literally 1000 square inches. It fits very nicely on a 5’x3’ foot table, or any dinning room table, I’d imagine, with enough space for dice, minis, elbows, snacks and or other ‘stuff’.

Then I proposed the walls.

10 Four inch long fieldstone walls

40 Three Inch long fieldstone walls

40 Two Inch long fieldstone walls

60 One Inch long fieldstone walls

Which is a LOT of walls. Its 300 inches of Walls, or 25 feet of walls. *wait seriously?* *GASP* it is!

In total Its 280 pieces. It covers 2x3.5 feet of playable space and has enough walls to cover the entire area amply.

This is the Dungeon you *ahem* I always WANTED!!!! Mwahahahahaha!!

But wait there is more. This Dungeon is Versatile. I will admit to being a little stodgy in my cranial capacity but once I started playing around with TWENTY FIVE FEET OF WALLS on ONE THOUSAND Inches of playable dungeon terrain, I completely lost my marbles.

I made a dungeon out of it.

Then I put minis in it....

Then I sat back and realized something...... this is waaaay easier than anything I’d made with a modular dungeon terrain which I’ve made thousands of pieces of.... and that isn't nearly as versatile. (In full disclosure I’ve been making myself dungeons identical in form to Dwarven Forge’s passages and dungeon layouts. Its been great fun. I even launched this website last year in march to showcase my crafting skills and expand on them since I’ve wanted to sell them to other D&D enthusiasts to play on. Its been a Lot of fun and I’m very happy with the site’s reception in the gaming community.)

The next thing I did was take it all apart and put it into the dimensions of the D&D Skirmish game..... which is when I started to buy miniatures in volume because it was so easy.... and the skirmish game was a VERY nice way to ease my tactically minded children into playing D&D with me.

The setup was done in mere minutes. viola. With walls!!! Which honestly the darned game needed from the start.

And THEN I just moved a few walls added a few more and then an instant hack and slash dungeon crawl was born.

Ok. Enough gushing from me. This experience has blown my mind at its simplicity, its transformational ease and at its *ahem* scale. This is what I’ve always wanted in a dungeon set, and I’ve been making modular dungeons for literally longer than a decade. My mind is BLOWN.

Thank you Dan Toth, Thank you.

But wait there is more. I plan on offering this dynamic and versatile terrain for sale as well. OF COUSE! Since I sell modular Dungeons, passages, Towers and Buildings and Houses..... why wouldn’t I?

This joy of Dungeons must be had by all! I anticipate taking a short time before posting a price list based on the work I’ve done for this commission. The clincher is I plan on selling this with options. Painted VS Unpainted. And cast with Hydrostone or Merlin’s Magic. aaaaaaaaannddd This leads me to what will likely be my next blog post..... and is a story for later, BUT no less interesting to all you Hirst Arts Dungeon Officionados. Stay tuned for details, because it WILL be detailed. And possibly controversial.

So SERIOUSLY. ‘Science’ On my fellow Tinkers. EDIT: This set is available made to order on Etsy! The Versatile Dungeon


The Goblin Tinker

We Tinker! You Play!

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