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The State of the Warren...

Lets get the required *grumble* out of the way shall we? Because this ain’t a grumbling kinda post. da’Boss wants to reflect.

The last few months have been a glorious adventure in making and selling terrain for the tabletop. The Goblin Tinker was borne out of a deep seated desire to just make cool terrain and share it with more that just himself... *think LOOK SHINEY!* Everyone should have more SHINEY! Yes i think I’ve heard my players say exactly that... paraphrasing of course. *wink*

Some of the Wins da’Boss is proudest of:

- Bringing ALL the awesome dungeon pieces Da’Boss has crafted over the years for himself to Ebay and finding a way to offer these pieces to YOU! At a Dramatic discount from the other competitors in this niche space. Seriously, da’Boss has undercut the Beared denizens with this serious flagship offering: Dungeon Passages and Rooms! This is impossible to overstate.

- Launching in March! Nuts. - The 3” round Tower! - the first real building da’Boss made!

- da’Shop!

- The wizards Tower! - and along the way Da’Boss has experimented with a handful of small projects:

- making a cart

- making a well

- making accessories like Mushrooms, bushes and other small placeables! And most of this is available on the website or on eBay! message da‘boss if you cant find something or have a question!

da’Boss is well pleased! All this in the period from March to May! a very short 90 days.

But A lot of the work has been behind the scenes As well:

- navigating the myriad ways to sell these offerings, to you, the gods of table top role playing! Adopting eBay as an entry portal to bring these fantastic pieces to you, but wait there’s MORE! *wink* - sorting out how to package and ship a very dynamic line of products in the right box, well packaged and delivered! This was a greater challenge than expected, but the learning curve is nearly over! this deserves a *grumble* and a *WAAAGH* that means da’Boss won and beat the USPS. - And last but not least the general paperwork and planning of moving a hobby to the barest of business models. Its not completely transitioned yet, but the thrust is to continue bootstrapping da’Boss’s creative designs with Just enough Momentum to throw back into purchasing silicone and hydrostone to move those schemes forward! da’Boss has Lots of schemes! *REEEE* - licensing.... more on this in a separate post!!! Veeeery exciting!!!

So da’Boss is celebrating this list of successes and you should too! Now, its back to work! *grin*

We Tinker! You Play! da’Boss

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