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The Smaller Brick House

The last project was a brick face two story house, but as I made the walls I knew I needed to make the walls so there could be just a single story. This is that single story brick house.

I can’t explain it but I wanted to paint this brick white. After painting the two story house red brick I wanted to experiment with white. And this was surprisingly easier to paint white than it was to paint the two story red. Either that or I’m getting better at it. *shrug*

The floor is shown here painted like I normally do with a dark brown then drybrushed with a lighter orange and then blackwashed to deepen the tone. It really makes a difference.

Because the entire base paint is a brown I felt I could take the time to blackwash ALL the trim too. And I’ve fallen in love with it. It adds that same tone to the grain that the floor has and the definition really shines through.

This picture really shows the detail of the doorway and the leafs in the corners. The green is the only homage to color in this piece but it stands up well overall and does not overpower the piece. The other detail in the door got a dab of green as well!

The grey slate roof firs very well on this house as well not seeking to overpower the tone and I was very happy with it.

These windows are just some of my favorite too.

The peaks of the walls are set in the roof this time to provide support for the roof similar to da’shoppe. I intentionally spent the time making this design for that purpose. Its only a little bit more work but I think it has more durability than using joyces to hold the roof in place like for the stucco cottage.

So that’s my rendition of a one story brick house all painted up! Look for it on eBay! my handle is thegoblintinker!

And if you have a color scheme you think would look nice in any of my pieces send me a message! I take commissions as well as make things just for my own pleasure. And I’m not going to stop.

Look for my next work soon as I return to the underground with a crazy large dungeon with nearly 300 pieces. It’s going to be HUGE!!


The Goblin Tinker

We Tinker! You Play!

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