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The Next Prototype

This is what da’Boss is really grumbling about! Been working on how to prototype a small store! Its been more of a task than I expected. I have da structure planned out, but the roof has vexed me. Its a matter of proportion... and I’ve almost decided what to do.

So here is a pic of the almost prototype In design.

I really wanted to use the beams for the frame of the roof cause I thought it looked really cool, but it blows the proportion of the house way out of kilter. I considered putting a second floor on it to soften the look, but abandoned that once I realized There wasnt any room for a Staircase. *grumble*

So i’m planning a new piece for the fascia of the roof and I’ll post that once its dry and assembled.

And then there is one more piece to design. Signage. More on that soon.

This is awesome fun!


We Tinker! You Play!

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