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The ‘Kits‘ of War

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Da’Boss has always had a Scheme. In order to have a meaningful launch pad to take over the world, da’Boss knew that he would have to build much from scratch and that as a matter of planning he would need to be Sly, Quick, Nimble and able to Pivot when his plans met the disaster of actual battle. Our first skirmish with eBay has been far from a disaster, but you get the idea.

Selling on eBay was the first step to this plan To bootstrap the machinery of the tinker’s Warren into the semblance of A workshop and propel His plans beyond mere hobby. Yes taking ‘Over the World‘ is a hobby, and into the next front of the war against enemies Both seen and unseen. This eBay hurdle involved executing a modest plan that proved out the concept, and then to become licensed for war. The God of War aka; Bruce Hirst, has ‘deemed‘ the Goblin Tinker‘s fortune worthy of said assignation and now da’Boss presents his next idea.

The ‘Kits‘ of War....

Now, before you even think to disparage such an uninspiring and unoriginal idea....Remember war is not met without planning, preparation, guile and good common sense use of logistics.

So in the effort to appeal to as many different types of terrain enthusiasts it is important to provide ‘kits’ so that people who want to paint their own buildings... can. At a lower cost. *grumble* But the laws of warfare are much like those of commerce, and well, no need to bore you with an economics lesson. Suffice it to say da'Boss is working on very detailed instructions on how to assemble, paint and complete a building kit for the 3" Circular Tower with a Wood Conical Roof. It will be crafty.

The tower unglued, just slapped together to fit.

All the Pieces of the tower laid out.


We Tinker! You Play!

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