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The Goblin Tinker’s Store & eBay & Shipping!

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Ok folks.

I need to have a conversation about the fact that I sell ALL my creations on this site as well as on eBay and I even have a store on etsy. Now. I don't know how much any of you are aware of the business side of online store fronts, but I've started to learn a bunch since I launched this blog/website.

What I want to inform you of is about shipping. Shipping is the bane of my digital existence. Shipping costs are extremenly variable based on weight and distance. Box sizes are countless and there are so many combinations its.... ridiculous. This kind of consideration from the business aspect never occured to me when I launched the site.

Now that I have nearly 3 years of experience shipping, I've come to make some decisions.

First, eBay is the BEST store front for shipping. Hands down. Their rates for UPS are the best for a small shop with exteremely variable box sizes, and I encourage EVERYONE to use my listings on eBay to purchase listings there.

Second, as a small shop, I just can NOT compete with eBay's shipping agreement with UPS. I don't have the volume eBay does. *grumble* Perhaps some day.

So. If you are BROWSING a listing on my shop here on WIX, please make sure to browse and price the same listing on eBay. I encourage you to. *smile* or send me a message on THIS website! I get ALL messages and respond to all of them... most of them very quickly. Or you can subscribe to my mailing list and I can answer your question with you over email!

Ok... Great.

My eBay listings can be found here at this link:

Or you may do a search for thegoblintinker!

Thank you!


The Goblin Tinker

We Tinker! You Play!

PS. Don't forget to message me if you have a question about a listing ON THIS WEBSITE's chat feature!

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