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The Dungeon Entrance

da’Boss is olde school. He likes stairs that go down.

I’ve had this piece I glued together years ago and just stumbled across it sifting through my mold library. I collect molds. i have pink ones and light green ones and dark green ones.... and purple ones! (*ahem* No black molds if you were lacking any context)

But this piece Has been a thorn in my Conscience Every time I see it. So I thought I’d ask.

When you do a dungeon crawl and you throw all your pieces on the table... do you WANT stairs to enter the dungeon? Or to escape back through?

I need more feedback on this before I decide to make it or not. So. Let me know!

Its a simple thing to do.... and prolly wont take but a week or less, but If no one ELSE is excited about it.... I aint gonna look at it again.

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