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The Daily Tinker: A detour

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

As many of you know; I've been working on making a master to mold a Gothic Church. Which is 90% completed, but that last 10% isn't.

I had recently posted that I was making a mold of the inserts for the windows. Whelp. That mold, while easy to pour was the most difficult mold I've demolded to date. It still is. It qualified as a hard fail. The window inserts were too thin to demold without shattering in several places. Oops.

So. After some deliberation and creative casting I tried pouring them thicker and sanding or scraping them down. This still did not go well, with several Attempts to take the cast and refine it. I was excited for a moment and then it became clear, it just wouldn't work.

So. I resorted to using a pattern for windows from Spain! I decided to use two patterns. One for the side windows and a slightly more ornate one for the rear windows! You can see them both here.

This will LOOK fantastic!

I have had to place an order for plaster, I have an order for the silicone going in soon, along with a clear resin for the windows. I'll be able to play with some tints perhaps later on. BUT the initial build of the glass windows will have a painted wash over them. I love the blue atm.

My timeline for this may be in the next 2-6 weeks for a final post with the virgin casts, if all the planets align!


We Tinker! You Play!

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