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The 8x8 Cavern Pool

I’ve had this planned for a long time since I last posted the cavern set. This pool of water is a large 8” x 8” square. That’s 64 square inches of tile. It’s the largest piece I’ve designed for the Cavern Tiles and it came out beautifully!

And It’s simple!

I made the master on a 1/4” layer of foam board. I glued the Hirst Arts Cavern Pieces onto the foam, let it dry a long time And then poured some slurry into the middle. This was the most difficult piece to manage. I had to mix the slurry thin enough that it would spread over the surface of the foam but not spread onto the cavern pieces.

Then I sanded the surface of the pool, and finished patching deep spots in the grid And sides of the piece.

This is the Side View. The Foam was Rolled with an Aluminum foil ball for texture and I penned in some more defining lines.

This first cast of a new mold is drying now, and I’ll be painting it soon! Look for pictures when it’s done!!!

I’ll be selling this for ~18 on this website & about ~20$ on ebay unpainted. Well, Ebay’s prices are outrageous now that they cut PayPal out.

I also take commissions and paint these cavern sets as well! Mail me and ask!

Good luck and I’ll see you again soon!


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