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Sculpting for the Table Top

It is so much fun to create a new thing that adds depth to the table top that stands out to my players.

As a Dungeon Master I imagine thats a shared experience among the lot of us who design, plan, draw maps, create new items, build grand plots, build villains, plan encounters, and then play it all out in real time with players in the moment. It's exciting! It invests me in the game WITH my players. Its almost as if YOU are scuplting for the table top!

And I take a lot of enthusiasm from these experiences and it encourages me to return to the workbench to add pieces that will immerse my players in the adventure! All it takes is a 'That's Cool!' or 'Lets make a room' or 'That chest is awesome!' and then I'm hooked! Join me in making the table top game for your players as fun as it is for mine and invest THEM in YOUR table top!

Drop me a mail at for the things you've thought up that you need a piece for. It could be an artifact, a special weapon, or it could even be the room for the final encounter with your Villian!

We Tinker! You Play!

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