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Ruined Fieldstone Foundation

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

My latest reproducible creation is a Ruins! It is a simple fieldstone wall structure, with a wood floor thats been... well... ruined. Either through fire or time. You decide. It can be used for role play terrain, D&D or even Warhammer as scatter terrain.

This Experiment, at its start, looked really simple and it was compared to a couple of my past molds and projects and I managed to paint it in an evening. It was a quick project. truly.

So what is this ruined fieldstone foundation? ok. I just can’t ham that up. Its self evident. but there is a story behind it. As I was trolling through some group for terrain enthusiasts a guy posted a picture of something similar. He used something that looked like it was printed on card stock or a thicker medium and he layered the floor over the foundation. I loved the layered look of it, it had depth, and thought; “Gee! I could easily make something like that in actually 3D“ I forget exactly which group or even how long ago... it was probably in the last year or so.

So. Since I am always tinkering I managed to put this project on my to do list and prioritized it as something quick and easy. Now, the last time I did a quick project in between a large project it was my first Cottage, and took 6 weeks. Ha. Keep that in mind.

So after I finished the molds or while I was doing the molds for cobblestone streets, which is kind of a teaser, since I havent really blogged about THAT yet, I slapped the initial foundation together and made the floor. Then I put it aside as I worked on the main cobblestone project and just came back to it this last week. I made the mold, let it cure and poured my first cast last night.

I didn't spend more than 5-6 days on this. Huzzah!

Whats even better is I painted it in less than a few days. I usually spend a LOT more time painting some of my other pieces. They’re larger. I managed to paint this in one sitting.

My goal with this was to make something smaller, easier to cast, easy to paint and easy to assemble. and it was!

But this layered look of the ruined floor overtop the debris inside the actual ruined foundation is EXACTLY what I loved about this other guys piece that inspired me to make one. And I’ve reproduced this exceeding my own expectations. I am very satisfied.

Inside the ruins are pottery shards, on the floor and on the dirt. the top half of the front door, half a chair and a broken window. The dirt subfloor is covered with stone as well, not debris but on the dirt. For the wood floor I used planks of wood and chopped them all apart and slapped them together in a kinda ruined pattern. *shrug* the only requirement I had was that part of the floor be wall to wall across a couple sections To give it that feel of depth that I absolutely love.

I will include pictures of the set with all its parts, but the entire piece is cast in two molds the bottom foundation and the top wall with the ruined floor. The relief of the walls are separate To keep the mold..... simple And easy to de-mold With its thin floor.

All in All This was a very quick and successful project!

Pic with a mini for scale.

This last pic is actually my favorite! This was soooo easy to make and cast because its all one level. The floor and the wall that contains it being the more difficult piece to demold, but as you can see is successfully achieved! I also threw some extra broken wood pieces and pottery shards into the mold, but I didnt include those painted pieces in the pictures above.

I hope you like it! I make these for myself, but since I make them reproducible You can have one too! if you like to paint I can ship the cast to you, or I can paint it. I also take commissions if you want something I don't already make. I will most likely make some more and post them on etsy and/or ebay. Or you can just PM me on my website. The link is below.



We Tinker! You Play!

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Received mine in the mail today. Thank you very much. I like the concept of the modular/layer build of it it adds that little extra layer of depth that most terrain pieces lack.


Stephen Gros
Stephen Gros
Jun 03, 2021

This is fantastic! A simple concept very well executed. I may have to pick one of these up from your eBay store.

Replying to Steve, I posted a few of these painted on Etsy. The link is to my etsy store

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