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Question: What Banners would YOU like to see on the 8” Round Tower?

Ok, so da’Boss is furiously setting to work and casting the first set of the unpainted Tower for Delivery and as He was making the banners..... just blank banners..... he had a stroke of genuis....

He needs to make MORE banners with some relief in them so they POP when they are painted. But what should the subject of the banner BE!?

So here is the ask, loyal or unloyal followers of the Goblin Tinker.... , WHAT relief would YOU like to see on a banner for YOUR campaign?!

The subject needs to be something that I can add to a banner that provides some relief and texture! So come at me with your wildest or simplest designs for what goes on a banner! below you will see a ‘simple‘ fire insignia on this banner. Which was SIMPLE to make, but a ‘joy’ to paint! In fact it was a total nightmare with touchups. But it looks fantastic!!!

I’ll be setting out to make some soon so get your suggestions or wants in ASAP! I have the urge to make them NOW!

Post in the comments on the BLOG here at !!!!

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1 Comment

Nate McFarland
Nate McFarland
Jan 19, 2021

This is my family flag. Hopefully you can get some inspiration from it

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