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Presenting: The Wizards Tower

Da’Boss has declared this piece of work DONE! After 3 weeks of design, making the molds and painting this prototype which isnt a prototype, cause it was used as the master cast for the molds.... this has evidenced that workshop productivity is not only increasing but capable of taking on more challenging projects faster. No Goblins were sacrificed for testing, Chaotic rituals or dinner. *grumble*

So what are the features of this wizards tower? I thought you’d never ask.... *deadpan*


- assembled, the tower stands ~12 Inches!

- is 6 pieces, not including Accessories That include:

  1. stairs

  2. basement

  3. first floor

  4. roof section

  5. 3” circular tower

  6. the Conical Roof!

  7. 14 Accessories.

- the first floor has a trap door hidden beneath the stairs That is the only way into the ‘cellar.‘

- the cellar is outfitted with two arrow slits and an alcove in the wall, to hang/chain whatever your nefarious dungeon master desires.

- the stairs also move... to provide a possible’ secret’ exit route from the basement.*ssshhh* Hhhmmm, I shouldn't have made that public.

- the cellar, first floor, stairs and 3“ tower sections have felt on their bottoms to make them more pleasurable to take apart and move around. - it HAS a conical roof, thats just awesome. - oh, its completely painted and sealed. The roofs and accessories with a satin finish; the door and the other pieces with a flat finish. So you can hardly tell. In fact you can‘t tell unless you painted them yourself and notice the slightly deeper shade It turns the paint. - the paint is a dark gray Base on the walls Peppered with green and 2 shades of brown on various stones around the wall sections And drybrushed with a light gray. - the roofs are a dark brown base, peppered with shingles a darker brown, with an india ink wash Over the top and then drybrushed with medium brown to bring out more detail in the relief of the roof. I personally think the satin finish on top is the goblins whiskers.

The Accessories:

  1. A removable front door

  2. A large bush

  3. A small Bush

  4. a square crate

  5. A rectangular crate

  6. Two sacks

  7. A red crystal ball

  8. a red ‘cushioned‘ chair

  9. a book - lets just call it a spell book

  10. a chest

  11. Three coin piles; copper, silver and gold. (Aztec gold If you must know)

Please enjoy the photogallery and invite your friends to take a peek as well. I’ve included a Pic of the first base coat and a pic of the prototype before it became the master for contrast in the design process. Not a lot of derivation, but it just seems to make this gallery complete!

This will be listed on Ebay as well as in the store here very Soon. This has been a pleasure to make and Da’Boss is eager to Whip his lackeys to make... more!

”Work done”

“What next master?” “Zug Zug”

”Stop Touching Me!”

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