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Presenting: The Gothic Church!

Da'Boss is very happy to present the first painting of the Gothic Church. This is the first "virgin' cast. It will sit on my table top. *huzzah*

I already have a slight backorder for painted casts, so get your order in now so It can be queued & prioritized! I'll be taking advantage of what feels like an enourmous relaxation of my work cycles pouring molds to return to painting a backlog of casts for items that I've *ahem* built up.

Ok! The Gallery of the Painted Gothic Church!

I just love the blue windows! I'm very eager to test out new colors and I've not yet dipped my toe in pouring a transparent set of windows, but that'll come soon..... stay tuned or send me a message that you'd like to see them. Otherwise I'll be painting. Eh!

The entire set includes:

  1. The Single Cast Main body of the Church

  2. The Vestibule. (The Entrance)

  3. The Roof. 2 pieces

  4. The Vestibule's Roof. 3 pieces.

  5. 9 Windows! (See my Prior Posts about the windows!)

The Accessories for the Gothic Church, also pictured above, are:

  1. One Wood Altar - 3 pieces.

  2. 4 Braziers

  3. 4 pews.

  4. 2 Bone piles.

  5. 2 Stone staues

  6. 9 Windows.

The Assembled Gothic Church's Dimensions:

Height ~ 8" inches

Width ~ 6 1/2" inches

Length ~ 10 1/2" inches

Intended Paint Scheme:

Grey Tone Stone on the church body.

Windows: Blue wash, with lead panes.

Roof Color: Blue with light blue hues & black wash.

Other Paint Schemes: (To be Determined)

A Green roof & windows would be cool.

A red roof and red windows would also look very cool.

An earth tone stone color would also look great, with either a green, red or blue roof as well. So there are plenty of options.

Estimated Price Unpainted: $125

Estimated Price Painted: $300

Estimated Price Painted without Accessories: $275

Notes: I don't have a separate price for a set with the transparent windows yet, but I'll update this with a price after I've played with the process and can make it a solid offering!

PM me for questions or post a comment and i'll answer it. My email is and I can be found on facebook as

Thank you for reading!


The Goblin Tinker

We Tinker! You Play!

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