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New Modular Dungeon Prototype

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

I’m making prototypes for a new set of Dungeon Pieces and I need some feedback on them.

The traditional pieces were all 1.5“ tall walls made to be compatible with DF stuff, and alas all my molds for them are old and in need of being retired. So. I’m making replacements. But since I need to make replacements and there are so many different designs I could make and I want to make something a little less limiting as the Passages and Rooms. I made this molds for this set about 15 years ago. It was based on the Room & Passage set.

A couple of objectives I have for this:

- the walls need to be shorter. i used ruined fieldstone blocks.

- the design of the pieces need to be modular, but it is a smaller modular framework than the standard 2” piece.

- they need to be aesthetically pleasing.

- the modular pieces(if possible) can be used to make rooms as well as passages.

My Ask of you, the reader, is to like or comment on the pieces you like. I need the feedback to decide which pieces I include in the final set. I will also playtest the prototypes before making masters and casting the molds.

What I have so far: most pieces are 1 and 1/2 inches deep. This allows them to be used in a variety of configurations. There are essentially just 3 main pieces. Walls corners and an inside passage corner.

1 1/2” Corners

4” walls

2” Walls

1” Walls

2” Inside Corners

1x2” Stair & Wall

1x1” Floor Tile

1x2” Floor Tile

1x1 1/2“ Floor Tile

This is NOT a comprehensive list of everything in this set. Frankly I have not even decided how many pieces will go into a mold yet or which ones. Thats why I’m making this post. However, what you see pictured in the first gallery is what I used to take these pictures, with a few exceptions. I will be making decisions on what goes into this set once I have a certain level of feedback on the overall design

The 2x2 fieldstone is included but won’t be recast. I have plenty of molds for it.

These are all the prototypes I’ve made. The only pieces I included in some pictures are the 2x2 fieldstone tiles and walls of different lengths that I cast for the Versatile Dungeon. But they are in only a few pictures. I wanted to see how compatible the pieces were.

These pictures show 3 different doorways.

I felt the need to decide if a half-tall doorway was appropriate, versus making a complete arch, and then made the top half of the arch that also works well with this design of wall.

Which one do you think is the right doorway to include in this set? I do want feedback. *grin* or do you like them all? The full doorway is the hardest to cast, so I am really fond of just the top half piece, and use it with the walls that have flat sections

Let me know what you think.

The next gallery includes two separate kinds of corners. The traditional kind and the new. the question is do they match? or would you NOT use them together?

Here you can see on the right side the larger 2x2 prototypes of the fieldstone wall. On the left the room is made of the new smaller pieces. These pics also include a stair way that is on its own tiles with a wall and a separate pic that is just a stand alone smaller staircase. Which one do you like more? The smaller staircase can be placed at any wall, the other stair is just larger in height….. which one is more aesthetically pleasing To you?

lastly, the inside corner piece is the newest entry to this dungeon set and it’s what makes it possible to make passages out of them. They are a surprisingly versatile piece.

This piece can be used to make the inside 4 corners of a passage as shown below, or it can be used to make an inside wall, also shown below. I placed a 2x2 fieldstone tile inside the gap after making this passage and filled in the gap with a couple of lose walls I use for the Versatile Dungeon, which are just 1 or 2” long fieldstone walls, 3 bricks Tall. It worked surprisingly well I thought, and it doesnt look out of place at all. Tell me if you disagree.

All in all, there is a lot of versatility here with the ruined fieldstone walls in this smaller tile design. As long as this post already is I could talk more about MY thoughts about it, but I need more feedback to confirm or disprove my bias, before I dive into that.

Passages around a room Using mixed pieces, and my old solid cast doorway.

3x3” prototype for posterity. I don’t like it as much as the smaller corner. I am OPEN to thoughts in it though.

Have at it.


The Goblin Tinker

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