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da’Boss is taking a brief break before jumping into the next prototype in favor of Casting and Painting a new da’shop and another Wizards Tower! This work can Also be viewed on Ebay.


Wizards Tower

The painting on these was a little experimental, playing with how to make it faster to complete, and add a little different color schemes from the first pieces painted.

I think it was a success. Lets see how long it takes to find a new home for each of them. They are both quite stunning.

Here is a Gallery of pics I’ve taken of them. You can only post so many pics to eBay so i like to post them here!! For Full disclosure!

da’Boss is pleased.

What da’Boss is working on NEXT might look like:

  1. finish painting a 3” Tower with a new color scheme

  2. Cast some new pieces for an 8” tower, this is a HUGE project.

  3. Tinker with a new Dungeon Piece To add to the Rooms and Passages sets.

I think thats a decent shortlist And da’Boss will be busy whipping these into shape, literally.

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