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Latest Project: Brick House

This Brick House has been something I’ve planned for a couple months. Whats exciting about is it is two stories tall, it has a wood staircase and the windows and facia are more decorative than the other houses I’ve put together.

The roof is removable. The second story comes off, and the First level has the staircase. I think my favorite picture is of the second floor where you can see the top of the stair Through the opening in the floor. I think that just looks cool.

I plan on posting this to eBay as soon as possible and then will follow it up with a smaller one story brick house. I designed it to enable building two or one story houses and plan to do that one next.

To tell a story I wanted to make this into a tavern. Which on a very scaled down size it COULD easily be. One of my whelps even suggested we name it after Quigly, a character we have started using in our campaigns. Hence the ornate door molding and gold and bronzed leafs and well.... a blue door. It could be any color though. I am going to leave it to you to decide what it should be. I think it has multiple uses.

So Stay tuned for my next next project. It’s a Commissioned piece of work and returns me to the Dungeons! I just love dungeons. I think they are the quintessential terrain for a D&D campaign. They evoke such a feeling Thats is just cool, exciting and a little scary.

The 2 Story Brick House is available on wBay now:

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