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Hirst Arts Announcement!

It IS with immense pleasure that da’Boss announces that after much haggling, dark back room deals, brilliant acts of coercion, A sly Amount of extortion and no small amount of bald faced thievery, The Goblin Tinker Has Submitted *grumble* to Bruce Hirst’s demands for a license agreement To sell Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture! Bruce wants his SHINEY! And da’Boss is only too happy to oblige! *for those of you with no sense of humor, this is not at all how it went down, but the Goblin Tinker has certain... *ahem* ‘standards’ he must portray!* moving on....

There IS a vision here and Bruce Hirst and Hirst Arts are an inspiration and Constant keel in the equation to make terrain and ‘share‘ it. Da’Boss never shares anything, but he has conceded that there is enough SHINEY, for... er...everyone. But you can‘t have his Goblin Lackeys. They are HIS! Or so he tells me. Lackeys are great... well except when they aren‘t. *STOP EATING THE MUSHROOMS* *sigh* da’Boss obviously has room to grow his small greedy Goblin heart, but he can’t do it without ... patrons.

What makes this agreement so important is the breadth of offerings The Goblin Tinker can Now offer, and the Endless number of entry points for becoming a patron of the Goblin-ish Arts & crafts. *grin* You know you want to BE a patron of the...*mumble* arts.

So look for some exciting new changes As the wild and dastardly schemes within schemes of da’Boss take form out of the darkest and deepest warrens of the earth to ... take over the land. ... You knew that was coming, right?


We Tinker! You Play!

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