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Forest Flora

Its been a short while since I introduced myself to Stevie Hoy, and I’d like think we‘ve become fast friends. Our conversation inspired me to get off my tush and get the right tools.... to make neat stuff well.

Check out his work at #oldskoolcreative on Instragram. Its really VERY well done! I first saw his work on the Hirst Arts forums and he’s got a True knack for this stuff.

But more to the point he inspired me. His understanding of composition is gifted and his painting is EXPERT. And he has a real grasp of how to use Accessories to make a main piece shine! Something I’ve not done as well as I like. *grumble*

So to ameliorate this lack, i have spent the last couple days carving and molding some pieces out of plaster and clay to make a Forest Flora pieces type mold.

I started by carving some small pieces first out of plaster....moss, a couple small mushrooms... and then today I received the tools in the mail that I needed and I set to work with some sculpy... which is the first time I’ve really USED the stuff... with any success.... cause tools DO matter. *chagrined*

So i set out making some shrubs. Toying around with the different sized tools. Then I made a conical evergreen... and another cause it looked so Smart... and then I tried something different and came out with more relief and a nifty snow-ish type look. I think it will look GREAT with a deep black green and white drybrush.

Then i went back to making mushrooms. I think mushrooms are just really cool Looking pieces that every table needs. They can be white, brown, red, orange, yellow, and even purple... Every dungeon NEEDS them, well... everywhere. And the sculpy is so much easier to use than plaster.... that i figured out how to make a sample that I AM rather pleased with. Some of it looks a little rough, the plaster mostly, so some finishing work is still in order, but this is a major and long needed upgrade.

So look for these pieces to be painted soon in pictures as I introduce them into the Lexicon of Stuff. (Thats the store, for those of you who need translation, goblin isnt the easiest, I know)

Now, Feast yer EYES!

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