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Episode 2 of the Prototype Wizards Tower

da’Boss is starting to like it. Putting it all together reallt brought it into focus....

So whats it got? Its got an Ambitious 3 floors!!!

Its got a removable Roof. Removable Tower... a removable roof ON the tower...

AND a removable First Floor... that reveals a small dungeon basement. Via a trap door. Yeah!

It’s got two windows on the First level

Stairs that lead to the front door and Stairs that lead up to the actual tower itself.its got a couple arrow slits in the basement and a recessed wall for ‘decoration...‘ I’ve got a little work to do with the tower still, but it Looks better than I actually expected for a first stab. No grumbling on this post! *reaches for his grumpy tonic*

So is it too ambitious?

Should da’Boss make it? Or should he toss it to the Goblin Lackeys to paint and work on one of his other projects? Like mushrooms?! *Yummy* Or an even bigger tower like an 8” round mammoth tower? Or something different.

Let da’Boss KNOW in the comments!!!

Here is a gallery of pics.

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