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Dungeons are the heart of the Table Top!

I have an Opinion. *grin* and yes I am going to share it. You can’t table top role play without having a dungeon encounter or a dungeon destination that jazzes up the journey.

Dungeons are the heart of Dungeons & Dragon. I grew up imagining dungeons and drawing them and then writing encounters. It is, part in parcel, core to the creation of an adventure.

Now I’m not going to quarrel with those of you who think overland adventures are more ‘common’ or assert that you’ve played an entire campaign of D&D without either the D or the D. Thats just silly. Of course you can play Dungeons and Dragons without either elements of its core content. *ahem* but what fun would that be?! That would be like going to Disney and Not well... getting a picture with Mickey Mouse. Of course you can DO it, but have you really GONE to Disneyland if you didnt get a selfie with the King of Disney?!?!?!

Not in my book.

So. Here I give homage to half of its namesake, The Dungeons. because Dungeons are just cool. Way cool. They’re dark, they’re dirty, they’re full of danger and adventure and they are unavoidable in any of my campaigns.

You can find goblins, orcs, bandits, dragons, minotaurs, beholders, treasure, dangerous traps, prisons, and fantastic wonders on occasion. Its essential to all levels of play.

But most if all its where memories are made. Memories are the stuff that binds a new group together. Challenges, and encounters either difficult or humorous are the stuff that binds players together And keep them coming back to the table top to experience something new.

Sure, It could be something material, but the best moments are those where they discover their character’s actual character. Where they make a difficult choice and define themselves, their character’s fears or recognize their virtues. I choose to embed those character defining moments in dangerous dungeons.

Dungeons are just a great, read essential, place to do that In your D&D campaigns.

Of course you can play D&D in any setting. and I do. Its just the Dungeons that bring out that aesthetic of D&D that’s essential to MY enjoyment of it. That is what I’m sharing Today. *wink*

*snaps a selfie*

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1 Comment

Stephen Gros
Stephen Gros
May 03, 2021

I couldn't agree more! Those are some fantastic dungeons you have there in the photos.

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