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Day 1: Saratoga Comic Con

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

This Has been an exciting event! Here are some Pictures of the booth!

I had a great weekend at the Table and was truly happy with all the positive regard for the Terrain that was showcased!

I heard so many ‘ooohhs and ‘awe’s’ over the new cavern tiles and the houses that It was a splendid confirmation that there is a solid place in the space for Handmade and Hand Painted terrain on the tabletop. Everyone liked the market and I sold so many accessories that it was easy to lose count. We came close to running out of our 300 Business Cards and collected more than 50 new potential clients from the Raffle for the 3” round tower.

It was a solid first Comic Con for The Goblin Tinker and it will not be the last. Thank you to all who attended!!

EDIT: I’ve posted this set for sale on Ebay!!

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