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Daily Tinker: Project Updates

Updated: May 10, 2023

I thought I'd take some time to share my progress on a number of different projects. And It's been aome time since I've posted a significant update. I find myself making more posts on Facebook, so feel free to join me there. I'm the @thegoblintinker and follow my page or join my design group: The Goblin Tinker's D&D Terrain Group. Its design focused.

First: My newest project The 2 Story Stone & Stucco House model has been selling briskly on eBay which has consumed more than a few of my creative cycles. This is good news though! The point is to create things that table top gamers want! So Huzzah!

Second: My production cycles saw me make several of these over the last few months & I just posted my newest paint job on eBay last night.

Newest Paint scheme is here. (Click Me)

Third: While painting that I also found myself painting more of the 2 Story Brick houses which had also had a modest if not not stellar need to be replaced as they leave my stock: I also painted a new Fieldstone Ruins & Wizards Tower both of which I had casts sitting around and I just decided I needed to paint them.

Fourth: My creative cycles have been spent on designing and redesigning 'non-glass' inserts into the windows of the Gothic Church prototype. This project as of my last update has met with disastrous results so I've returned to square one and have commenced with a redesign. The method I chose was too flimsy for the material. Or too hard.... lol figure that one out.

The Mold was too firm and the subject is too thin to demold. Its just NOT posible. My plan is to make a larger/thicker master and a softer silicone. The rest of the Gothic Church masters are primed touched up, er.... well except for the roof, but that'l be easy, and then I'll most likely write up a post about the making of the mold. I expect it to be the 2nd largest mold I've poured since the 8" round tower pieces. And in fact I DO expect it to be the largest actual single pour mold I've made to date

Fifth: The Prototype & Master for the Book Nook are still in progress. The master needs to be touched up after its slight redesign & my forray into lighting for it has led me to decide I really liked the tea lighting better but I'm still deliberating how to bring the battery powered lights into the right light range I want for the book nook; Dark shadows and dim lighting. Not too bright.

Sixth: The last set of projects I'm flirting with are prototypes I've entertained before and consist of deciciding to resurrct them and their format/composition. Namely the ruined fieldstone dungeon set, this project might consist of:

  1. 16 Corner Sections

  2. 8-12 wall sections 2"-4" long

  3. 4-8 Inside corners - this is the unique section in this set that enables you to modularly create corners that are 'inside' corners of passages, instead of being formed like the piece that makes a room's corner.

  4. And the remainder of pieces will be floor tiles, doorways and possible accessories.

  5. This set is designed smaller than the standard 2"x2" dungeon set standard as well. I've designed it as 1 & 1/2" deep for the corners and walls to enable modular construction of narrow passages without making both sides of the entire passage section as a master. (Its a design decision that enables versatility) I've posted about this dungeon design before. I will very likely post about this again.

Thanks for reading!


The Goblin Tinker

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