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Da’Shop is finished

I am finally proud to present The Goblin Tinker’s Shop! This piece of work has been written about a LOT it feels and the prototype warranted a Blog or two of its own.... so here is the final piece with a couple changes....

... you can find this piece on Ebay. Just do a search for Hirst Arts. it should come right up. I made 2.

The big differences are the windowsills and shutters. 4 windows, 2 doors. I found myself solving an issue with adding a wood doorjam on the left to fit the doors snugly.

The inside didnt change much... BUT its still Cool!

A few more pictures!

Thanks for reading and comment On the pictures you LIKE!

oh and I ALMOST FORGOT!! I included a peek at a couple of mushrooms and bushes I included in the mold with the shop! I’ll post a pic zoomed in on them. I’m really excited about them. Can‘t explain why.... perhaps I really am a goblin. *shrug*

The first pic obscures the 2nd mushroom... let me look to see if I have a better pic...

So thats’s it For the Shop! And probably for aaallll the mushrooms, for now...perhaps. I have loads more but need to learn how to paint them. *grumble* Which might be a minor project on its own. So now its onto THAT project!

Happy Reading!


We Tinker! You Play!

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