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Da’Cottages are DONE! And will be posted for sale on eBay shortly.

Da’Boss is very pleased to write this post and to name this piece da’Cottage!

First off da’boss painted one White and one the traditional Yellow Cream color. These houses are FULL of detail. From the doors and windows, ALL the wood, all the way down to the floor, the varied accessories Da’Boss has included with them, the chimney and the roof! *aye* the roof! The hole for the chimney was no small feat and da’Boss outsourced measurement to a trusted ogre of a soul. Triangles. Who would have known?

This project took a little longer because da’Boss planned to include two different floors and two roofs.... which is another reason TWO of them are painted here for this post. Da’Boss wanted to show the differences between the two and that they can be mixed and matched.

The other reason this post has been long in the coming is because he had to paint TWO cottages.... lol. ALL THAT WOOD DETAIL!! Um. Yeah; touch ups could literally take for-ever..... blame it on the ham hands, the mutton mittens or other some-such. But no amount of small detail was going to be so insurmountable for da’Boss. He wasn‘t going to let any obstacle beat him and so here we are.

Victory is sweet. Victory would be even sweeter if he didn‘t want to sell these and just put them on his table top and proceeded to launch his next D&D session into a little Hansel and Gretel, RP. *pauses* Hhmmm. An old Hag, or Witch.... a couple children to tug on the hearts of my players..... oh who am I kidding.... they’d prolly join the witch and have naughty children soup. *sigh*

OK, now where was I? Ah! The pictures.... now... these pictures are of both cottages. The yellow and the white. The yellow cottage is done with a wood floor and a wood roof. The White cottage is done with a stone floor and a slate roof. Each cottage has seen MANY hours of painting to bring them into focus behind my camera. I HOPE you will agree that not only was it worth it but that YOU like it as much as I do. Well. MORE than I do... lets be frank here, da’Boss LIKES his shiny things, but to make bigger and shinier things these two need to find homes in a foreign land on foreign tabletops that will propel your player’s heroic stories to new heights, or perhaps they will just find themselves in cages, along with Poor Hansel and Gretel. *shrug*

You decide.

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