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City Walls

So. I’ve been chomping at the bit to take pictures of these city walls that I am goong to offer as a set painted or unpainted based on some of the recrnt work I’ve completed.

I’d have posted this much earlier but for the short notice to be a vendor at the Saratoga Comic Con on november 20-21st this month, but THAT didn‘t happen. Yes, I’ve been casting cavern sets in haste to prepare to have something to sell. droves of small accessories too. Most of that work is done and I’m boxing things now, and well. I hate neglecting my favorite blog. *grin*

So about the pieces that make this set so compelling. First: the 8x8” Cobblestone tiles. Which are HUGE, just beg to have something on top of them. The Castle Towers which I included in the Cavern Set lend themselves directly toward this endeavor. The walls, which I’m including also make complete sense with the set to make a very nice set of city walls.

There are 10 castle towers. There are 15 wall sections included, but not pictured. 1 four inch, 4,three inch, 4 two inch and 6 one inch sections. There are two doors. The cobblestones are 4 pieces, each 8”x8”. In all it just fits in the photo box. Not great for photos, but *shrug* it works.

I think I decided that a set like this should sell for 150$ painted and I will sell the unpainted set for 70$ Any additional pieces just ask for a quote. Its approximately 15$ per cast of a mold, and there are 4-5 towers in one mold, another one is cobblestone tile, and 15 wall sections in another. It would be very easy to double the size of this, to make it a very cool and dynamic city scape.

The cobblestone is painted a chocolate brown, with a tan and offwhite hints. The walls are a normal castle grey witha hint of brown, and the doors are black grey and bronze drybrushed. I’m open to other painting schemes. its all blackwashed And covered in a clear acrylic wash as well to give it some playablity without scratching The cobblestone too much.

The mini’s are not included, but do show how the scale works for a set of city walls. I like it! The small mini is a gnome recruit from Harbingers, “huzzah” and the other is Ivellios, a character in one of our sessions and is painted by Thrognar the NutSlayer. Thrognar is insane, in the best of ways. I may even ask him to paint my minis. My skill is with Terrain. *sigh*

This set will be on display at the Saratoga Comic Con!!!! Come see me at table 61!!!


The Goblin Tinker

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